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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force Season 1 in Telugu+Tamil+Hindi+English in HD 720p

Ben 10 is a popular Cartoon Network TV series about a ten-year-old boy who acquires a watch-like device from an alien in outer space.

Ten years old Ben Tennyson gets an alien watch after his Grandpa Max tells him to take it from him. After he wears the watch, he transforms into powerful aliens. The show introduces various species which are known as the Aliens of the Omnitrix and also introduces new species in every season. The series has aired on Cartoon Network for 10 years with 5 different generations of characters and over 130 episodes before it ended.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Season 1

With his secret identity now revealed to the world, Ben Tennyson continues to fight evil as a superhero with the help of the newly acquired Ultimatrix.

There are many reasons you should watch this season including: The way it shows how much Ben has grown up over time, the cool aliens that he turns into that have awesome abilities, and how it’s just an all around fun

Total 20 Episodes in ben 10 ultimate Alien Force Season 1.

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1. The Fame

Ben Tennyson secret is out. As Ben deals with his new glory, a new threat arises as a thief steals parts of a new sophisticated spacecraft from NASA.

2. The Duped

Ben is supposed to attend a tournament in support of his girlfriend, but is trying to get into the Forever Knights Museum. Ben tries to use Ultimatrix to carry out all his responsibilities.

3. Hit ‘Em Where They Live

After Jimmy Jones reveals Ben Tenision identity, his enemies team up to attack his family. Now Ben and his friends have to rescue them no matter what.

4. The computer Games

Ben gets an offer to star in his own videotape game, but the developer’s real motives are part of a plan to destroy Ben Tennyson

5. Escape from Aggregor

The squad encounters another alien who escaped from Aggregor and, through him, learns further about Aggregor’s aims.

6. Too Hot to Handle

Pandor, escaped from Aggregor, now wants help to escape his recapping suit, but Kevin’s the first to perceive that that is a fatally bad idea.

7. The Andreas Fault

Also squad encounters another of Aggregor escaped captures, Andreas, whom Argit is using as part of a scheme against the Forever Knights.

8. The Fused

Raad, the last of Aggregor escaped captures, attacks Ben and informs the army of the true fate of his comrades. He finds a safe caching place but bone that endangers Ben in the process.

9. The Hero Time

Ben meets his icon , Captain Nemesis, who is turn jealous of all the attention Ben attracts.

10. The Ultimate Aggregor

Aggregor has all five aliens. The Plumbers manage to disable Aggregor’s ship, forcing Aggregor to find a new way to absorb their powers. The crew makes a last gutter trouble to save the alien captures.

11. The Map of Infinity

12. The Reflected Glory

13. The Deep

14. Where the Magic Happens

15. Perplexhahedron

16. The Forge of creation

17. Nor Iron Bars A Cage

18. The Enemy of My Enemy

19. The Absolute Power Part 1

20. The Absolute Power Part 2




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