How To Choose Best Mobile

Welcome Guys Today In this session we will discuss How to Choose A Perfect Mobile. According to your requirement.

Phones are available in two types of OS (Operating System) Which is IOS, ANDROID

ANDROID is developed by google. For easy to use. Android Phones are cheap compare to IOS.

IOS is developed by APPLE. IOS is smooth and performance compare to android. But, 60 percent of the people choose only android because of apple phones are very costly. 

Best Ways to choose mobile

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What are the primary requirements to choose a best mobile

1. Display


In a mobile phone display will play major role. At the present trending display are amoled displays are super amoled display at 60hz, 90hz, 120hz, 144hz. We will choose minimum 60hz display in future we can change to 60hz to 90hz minimum requirement. In some mobile companies provides fluid ambled displays. 

2. Camera

Mobile photography

At present some mobile companies provide 108 megapixel, but they capture only details for a long distance. We can’t say the image is good why because the image contains minimum pixels, vibrant color, better details. In the past canon has created 250 mega pixels’ camera by using CMOS sensor.

3. Processor

mobile processor

  At The present snapdragon 865 and Apple A14 is highest and powerful processor. This is build by 5nm. Whether if you are a gamer this is the primary requirement to buy a mobile phone, so check the latest processor in online when you purchase a mobile phone.

4. Battery 

low battery

 If you are a traveler your will choose better battery mobile. Present 6000mah battery mobile phones are also available in market. Please check it one before buying a mobile. For normal usage you will choose 5000mah battery phone 

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