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wifi Hacking

Can I Hack WIFI Password ?

Simple answer is Yes. We can hack any WIFI password based on used security. It will take more time and very hard. To Learn how hacker can hack our WIFI ?

NOTE : To hack or crack to any one WIFI password is illegal. we are not encourage any illegal activities. we are not responsible. These content is only based on my knowledge and Experience of hacking WIFI PASSWORD

There are two types of security

1. WPA2 Personal
2. WPS Enabled WIFI

Two types of band available currently. 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz band. Band will only consider for range of WIFI. These bands are not effective in hacking wifi.

To Hack WIFI Password WPS Enabled WIFI in android mobile is very simple any easy. But, WPA 2 Personal is really impossible to hack. we can hack these password using Kali Linux. Explore how its works

WPA2 Personal

Hacking WPA2 personal is really possible in kali linux or any other network oriented operating systems. In windows we cant do. In kali linux operating system we have advanced network tools for hacking. These tools are specially made for hacking. N number of tools available to hack WIFI. but aircrack-ng is best for wifi hacking. If you are trying to hack WIFI Password in windows operating system , you are wasting your time. dont do that.

WPS Enabled WIFI

Using ANDRO DUMPER or wps wifi Application in android we can simply crack that password in minutes. It works 100 percent. but don’t do that other wifi network. why? its illegal to crack with other password and also face some other problems. only check your wifi password capacity.

I Hope you understand, How Hackers hack our WIFI and which os hackers uses. If you have any doubt about this post feel free to comment down in comment section. I will fix you problem

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