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How to Download Movies from zee5 directly1 min read

How to Download Movies from zee5 directly to File manager | Trusted News |

Welcome to Trusted News website. Downloading movies from zee5 is not allowed. Any OTT platform can’t allow to download their content for free. But, Here is the way to download Movies, TV shows or any other content from Zee5 for free

Note : This website cannot encourage any illegal activities for ever. If you use this trick whole responsible only you.

In this session I will tell you one more thing I had tried many websites and tools to download zee5 download but no use. Finally I have used offmp4 apk for downloading zee5 content. This only works.

Download Link below

Steps to download zee5 content

  1. First you need to download and install Offmp4 apk
  2. After installation open the zee5 app or .
  3. Find out or pick what you need to download from zee5.
  4. After selection under clubs video.
  5. click on share button to copy the link or redirect to offmp4 app.
  6. The app will install FFMPEG plugin directly allow access to download content.
  7. That’s it all done.

How the offmp4 app works

This app collects the segments from zee5 and download it. After that convert segments to video by using FFMPEG plugin.

Video Tutorial for Download Zee5 content


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