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Sat Jan 28 2023

How To Download Videos from ETV Win for free

How To Download Videos from ETV Win for free

What is ETV Win Exclusive

ETV Win is online OTT Platform, released by Eenadu Television Private limited. It offers T.V shows, Events and Movies in Telugu Language. which is telecasted in ETV.

ETV Win is available in both Application and Website. It offers 8 ETV channels content which is ETV Telugu, ETV Plus, ETV Cinema, ETV Abhiruchi, ETV Life, ETV Andra Pradesh, ETV Telangana and ETV Win Exclusive.

The Free Membership subscribers get only some limited content. The Paid Membership subscribers access entire content. The content which is available for 24/7. Watch Movies, TV shows, Events for free.

Steps to Download Videos from ETV Win Exclusive

  • First download and install 1DM application from Play store.
  • Open ETV Win website in you web browser.
  • Select which video you want to download, copy the URL for the browser tab.
  • open 1DM application and click on browser button in menu bar.
  • Paste the link in URL bar and press enter, After that the video will be loaded.
  • You will see the download icon or button will highlight, click on the download button and choose you quality of video according to your requirement.

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