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How to Download Videos from Online Streaming Websites for free

Hello friends, Today we will learn about how we can save videos, shows and movies on our computer or mobile. from popular online streaming websites. You can share them with your friends. Most of the streaming platforms are protected by DRM ( Digital Rights Management ).

Methods to Download Videos from streaming Websites

We have two ways to save the streaming content either recording or direct downloading from websites. These methods will be working on both Android devices and Windows computers.

1. Direct Recording

We can record this content by using some premium recording software. This software is available free on the internet.

Recording software for computers

Replay Capture Suite:- The software can record and convert any streaming windows media, Null soft video and Flash videos.

‌Freecorder 8:-  Record FLV and MP4 videos directly from Adobe Flash Player in HTTP or HTTPS portals.

RTMP Explorer:- Capture MP4, FLV and MP3 files from RTMP and RTMPE portals.

Audacity:- This software is available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The software will be recording any audio or sound produced by an audio card.

Recording Apps for Android Mobile.

In android operating system has a default screen recording app that is enough. But, recording DRM Protected videos is not supported by the operating system. Check out how we do.

2. Direct Downloading

Download streaming content directing with URLs. We can’t find these URLs in the normal way. But, using some premium Softwares we can find the URLs.

Download software for Computers.

CooJah:- This software can find streaming URLs from HTTP, RTMP and RTMPE portals.

NetXFer:- This is a download manager and URL finder. Compatible with Windows 7. It supports HTTP, MMS, RTSP and RTMP portals.

‌URL snooper:- This software can find streaming URLs using win cap software. You need to install an additional download manager. 👇

Download Apps for Android Mobile

In android does not support all types of downloading formats. But some streaming websites may support Aha, ETV Win and ZEE 5.
Check this, how to download videos from streaming websites on Android Mobile. Live Proof



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