How To Freez Pubg Server In Android PUBG 1.02 min read

This Method work through using like dos attacts. Simply explain how it works

How Pubg Mobile Server Freez by Hackers

Sending additional data like packets to pubg match server will down the Pubg Mobile Server. This trick will work both Android and Windows Devices.

NOTE : This Post will show you only for Educational Purpose. How its works, Hacking Pubg is Illegaal, Legends players never use hacks. Not for any illegal activites done by you, We are not responsible


1.Android Device
2.Wincap apk or any other network ip capture apps
3.Packets generator
4.Pubg Mobile Game

This will work on any version like Global, korean, vietnam.

All the app links will be given in the discription

Steps to use This Trick

  • Start Match
  • Open Wicap apk, Press start >> Find UDP ip address >> Copy ip address and Port number. Eg : In India The Port will start with 10
  • Open Packets Generator >> Paste ip address and port >> Set the value how much packets you want to generate.

Video Tutorial Coming Soon, How to Freez Pubg Server, Check out after some time
Download Packets Generator

Using This Trick will ban your account is Real ?. The answer NO, why its just sending data to ip address. not changing or modding any game data.
So, Feel free to Try this trick.

Thats it, Its done. If You have any doubt about this post Feel Free To Comment Down In Comment Section Below

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