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How to Screen Record In zee5 Netflix Amazon prime1 min read

How to Screen Record In zee5, Netflix or Amazon prime | Trusted News |

Can I use screen Record in Restricted apps

Recording DRM Protected Videos is not allowed any major platform apps like Zee5, Netflix, and Amazon Prime

I had Tried most of the tools to Screen record in zee5 application but don’t use and finally can record Movies, T v shows, and any other Programmes using Zee5 Website using Screen Recorder. Even though you can record Premium content which is exclusive on zee5 subcription.

Steps to screen record in restricted or not allowed apps

  • Install App cloner apk from the official site and latest version for better performance.
  • which app to use screen record, pick it
  • Clone the app and change the display permission of Allow screen shot Even if app not allowed. that’s it
  • After cloning and app install it and run the screen record app

Note :- This trick will not work in all mobies but who have android 10 version. this trick will definitly works.

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