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Mon Jan 30 2023

Top 5 credit cards for best rewards in india

Top 5 credit cards for best rewards in india

In this article we'll dive into the top 5 credit cards for rewards based on various factors such as spending categories, signup bonus offers, interest rates, fees and charges. These are some of the best-in-class rewards cards available today, so if you're looking for a way to maximize your spending power and earn some great benefits too - this list is for you!

Choosing the right credit card is essential in order to get the best rewards. To make sure you're choosing a card that works for you, it's important to explore all your options and pick the one that maximizes rewards and benefits.


The BCPL SBI Credit Card is a great card for anyone looking for a convenient and affordable way to make their purchases. This card offers great rewards, low interest rates, and an easy-to-use online portal. With this card, you can make purchases quickly, safely and securely knowing that you will be getting the most competitive rates available. The BCPL SBI credit card also provides generous cash backs on all your purchases which helps manage potential budgeting issues in the future.

Welcome Offer

Two Thousand Rupees Activation Bonus Reward Points worth Rs. 500 as a welcome gift.

Contactless Advantage

Daily purchases now made easy with BPCL SBI Card. Simply wave your card at a secure reader to transact

Fast & convenient: No need to hand over your card or look for cash /coins for everyday small ticket purchases

Security: The card never leaves your hand during a Contactless transaction, significantly reducing the risk of card loss and fraud due to skimming (counterfeit). Even if the card is waved multiple times at the reader, the unique security key feature of Visa payWave will ensure that only one transaction goes through, thus making it more secure

Flipkart Axis Bank CREDIT CARD

Axis Bank offers one of the most popular credit cards available today. With it, customers can benefit from a variety of rewards and discounts along with convenience and security. With so many different choices you can find the perfect credit card for your needs, be it travel, shopping or dining. Axis Bank takes care to keep customers safe by providing solutions like fraud detection and alerts for timely repayment notifications. With Axis Bank you are always in control of your finances.



ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card is a great way to make your spending easier and more convenient. With its vast array of features, including rewards and exclusive benefits, this credit card offers a comprehensive suite of services along with easy redemption options. This card is designed to help you manage your finances better while still allowing you to enjoy the rewards and convenience that comes with a credit card. With an ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card, you can make everyday purchases more rewarding than ever before!

Fuel Surcharge Waiver ICICI Bank Reward Points for Gifts and Vouchers , Built-in Contactless Technology Payments made faster and safer than ever before. Lifetime Free Platinum Chip Card You don’t get a Platinum Chip Card, you own it, for a lifetime.

4. KOTAK Bank League Platinum Credit Card

KOTAK Bank League Platinum Credit Card is a powerful financial tool that provides customers with a host of benefits. It offers a host of features such as cashback and reward points, international travel privileges, exclusive offers, and 0% interest rate on purchases for up to 20 months. This card also comes with special features like personal accident insurance, purchase protection, fraud protection, and 24/7 customer service. With KOTAK Bank League Platinum Credit Card in your pocket, you can always be sure that finances are managed responsibly.

Movie voucher worth Rs. 500, vouchers are sent on registered mail id & mobile no post realization of joining fee. Please click on reward redemption tab to know more about vouchers & redemption process.

Movie voucher applicable for league joining fee variant only.

Save railway surcharge waiver for transactions on and for transactions on Indian Railways Booking Counters. Maximum railway surcharge waiver allowed in a calendar year is Rs. 500/-.

Customers will not earn reward points on fuel transactions



Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Super Card is a great way to get the most out of your purchases and travel with one card. It provides customers with Zero charge access to more than 12,000 benefits across dining, fuel, travel, leisure and entertainment categories. It also offers up to 90 days interest-free finance on its EMI Network Card, Reward Points and CashBack across online and offline stores. With this card you can enjoy exclusive discounts, cashback offers and other rewards points for your lifestyle spending. Get ready to experience the smart shopping experience with Bajaj Finserv RBL Super Card!


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