Elementor Pro is the best page builder to create a custom wordpress theme.

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In this session we are discussing about how to create or design a custom Header part or Header Templeate.

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what are primary things to create a Header Part

  • Site Logo or Site Title with Tag line
  • Menu
  • Banner Ad
  • Social Icons
  • Search Option

NOTE : Scroll down to bottom to get a video tutorial. These matter all about requirements to create a wordpress Header templeate

1. Site Logo or Site Title with Tag line

Comparing Site logo or site title Logo is better to represent your brand value or symbol. Tag line can represent whats your site to be created or some qutation.

2. Menu

Menu represent you site pages or posts by using buttons on the Top of the website. Its easy to user to find out topic. creating Two menus are Better. one is primary, second is secondary menu. Primary menu contains fixed content pages like sitemap, Terms & conditions, Privacy Policy Contact us, About us. secondary menu contains your topics.

3. Banner Ad

Banner Ad is not primary, but why we discuss. Ad will give revenue to us. Banner give impression even not clicking. some ads contains impression money, so don’t neglect banner ad

4. Social Icons

Social Icons increase the internal traffic and you followers from social media. its make easy and better to get traffic compared direct visiting viewers.

5. Search option

This option is good for user to find out their topic. Then the user will interact our site easily our primary task is to attract user. because generating revenue from the user.

Video Tutorial to create Header Templeate

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