Can I Record DRM Protected video in Android. Is it Possible ?

Simply Answer is Yes. Explore, How its works

DRM Mean Digital Rights Management. To secure video from other publishers.

Disclaimer: Recording DRM Protected video is illegal. This Post is for only educational purpose only. This website can’t encourage any illegal activities.

Requirements to Record DRM Protected video in Android

1. Your android device must be rooted
2. You Must install Disable Flag secure apk
3. Android version must be 10 Q
4. Install android screen apk which supports internal audio record feature.

NOTE : All files Download links are available in bottom

Steps to record protecd video from Amazon Prime, Netflix and Voot

Root your android device. recommended android version 10. why ?, Internal audio will not work on lower android versions.
Instal Disable Flag secure apk
That’s all guys, start recording and enjoy.

Which Device and Stuff i used in this activity ?
1. Redmi Note 5 / Plus ( VINCE )
2. Rooted This Phone Using Magisk. Magisk is really best software to root your device.
3. I Tried this trick on Voot kids app, Amazon prime and more.

if you want to know about how to root your android device tutorial simply comment down in comment section, i definetly make it.

Can i Record DRM Protected video on non rooted device ?
simply, NO. you must have rooted device for record drm protected video

If you have any doubts about this post simply fell free to write comment down in comment section. I will reply for that

6 thoughts on “How To Record DRM Protected Video With Internal Audio In Android Without Using Pc”
  1. I want to record videos from a music tutorial application. It is providing a monthly subscription plan. After this period, it won’t be possible to access those videos. So if it’s not possible to learn what’s being provided in the app in one month, it need to get resubscribed to access those videos. So I thought of recording those videos for future reference. The app name is Voxguru. I am using using samsung galaxy phone.

    1. one thing bro. If you have redmi or xiaomi mobiles. The process is very simple. I mean rooting mobile flashing custom rooms and this recording facility. but, in samsung devices the process is to much complicated.

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