How to Screen Record with Internal Audio of Zoom Meeting App in Android Mobile without Root

Zoom Meeting is an Online Live streaming app. It is specially developed for online business meetings and online classes for student.

Zoom Meeting application is available in different platforms Android Mobiles, Tablet, windows and Mac OS.

Can I Use screen record in Zoom Meeting Without host permission

The simple answer is Yes. Let me know how to screen record. Screen Recording Facility is available in both Android and Windows.

Zoom software offers recording and store in cloud storage facility for paid subscribers. But This feature is only for who are hosting the meeting.

Can we record the internal audio of Zoom Meeting in Android Mobile

The simple answer is No, We cannot record the internal audio of zoom meeting app even if rooted android mobile. This is because only one application can filter a single mic at a time anon an android mobile and also internal sound recording facility is not available in earlier versions of android.

The only one way is to record audio set audio recording option to External or Mic and also don’t insert headphones. The. The audio comes throughout from speaker and Then mic records the audio.

Can we record the Internal Audio of zoom meeting in windows.

The simple answer is Yes, Let us know how it works. Desktop or Laptop support internal audio recording facility and specific window recording facility.

Software that support specific window Screen Recording with audio

OBS Open Broadcaster Studio

OBS is Free and open source software for recording, Live streaming and broadcasting. It is available for windows, Mac OS and Linux.
It requires GPU, Without GPU u can’t use this software

For downloading visit official website OBS


COREL DRAW is a software developed for editing and also screen capture available.
It’s capture specific application. You have an option select which application you want to record. This software is not free. But, you can download this software using Getintopc website for free.

Wonder share Demo create

This software provides Free Trail so we can know how it’s works. Wonder share Demo crate provides to record specific window with internal audio.

The above all software have default custom size screen recording facility and minimum editing facility available in Corel draw and wonder share Demo create software.

Note : If you have Graphic Card with latest drives installed then I will recommend to you to use OBS software. Because, it’s free software you don’t want to install any pirated software.

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